DoIT Departmental Support Printer Support Responsibilities

Published: October 20, 2020

Last Updated: October 20, 2020

Purpose and Scope

This document outlines how DoIT Departmental Support handles printer support in RACI format.

R – Person responsible for the task

A – Person accountable for the task

C – Consulted.

I – Kept informed

wdt_ID Common Activities Manufacturer or Approved Vendor DoIT Customer
1 Purchase CI RA
2 Setup (on-campus) R (if on contract) AI
3 Setup (remote) R (if on contract) CI RA 
4 Advanced Setup - Scan to email RA I
5 Advanced Setup - Secure Code Code Printing R (If on contract) C AI
6 Additional Accessories (e.g. additional feeder, adding a print tray, adding a duplexer) CI AI
7 Basic Maintenance (e.g. adding paper, fixing jams, changing toner, power cycling) RA
8 Servicing and Hardware Repair (e.g. Feeder cleaning, fuser replacement, advanced paper jams, malfunction) R I A
9 Update Firmware RA RA I
10 Network or Software Issues (e.g. queue error, client connection issues, scan to email failure,) R A
11 Physical Movement R (If on contract) C RA
12 Decommission CI RA