Monthly Patching

Departmental Support uses the 3rd Tuesday of every month as its maintenance window to deploy updates to managed systems via BigFix. BigFix allows Departmental Support to target updates only to those systems that require them.  The way we use BigFix to ensure patch levels takes the following form:

  • Updates are first tested on specially created virtual machines and on internal Departmental Support staff computers before being released to customer systems.
  • For either Windows or macOS, if no updates are found by checking either Windows Update or Software Update, respectively, then no updates will be installed by BigFix.
  • For application updates, if a given system does NOT already have a particular application installed, or is already running the latest version of that application, the updates for that software will not apply.
  • Certain updates may require the system be rebooted for those updates to complete their installation
    • If one such update is installed on a system, BigFix will cause a popup to appear informing the user of the need to reboot.  It will NOT reboot the system for the user, however.
  • Please note: The BigFix restart popup does NOT necessarily indicate that any software has been installed through BigFix. The BigFix restart popup can also be triggered by other software installations that require the system be rebooted.