IT Equipment Purchasing Guidelines

Published: February 24, 2020

Last Updated: April 23, 2021

Purpose: To provide an overview of the IT items DoIT Departmental Support purchases on behalf of its’ customers versus what customers should purchase via their existing purchasing channels.

Statement: While Departmental Support does not operate as a general storefront for IT items, we do want to help you obtain IT items you need.  Our primary goal is to provide the equipment necessary during the initial installation of new or repurposed computer to minimize the need for subsequent items from needing to be purchased.  We stock common items for enterprise deployments to maximize turnaround times and regularly update our product selection to ensure it meets the evolving needs of customers.  A full list of our commonly stocked items can be found here.

We realize that selecting and ordering IT items can be challenging, and we are here to help.  Our staff can provide consultation on IT item selection and recommend vendors upon request.  Departments should still consult with their local purchasing staff or UW Purchasing to ensure purchases follow appropriate guidelines and work obtain the necessary approval before ordering.  Shop@UW is the preferred channel to purchase IT equipment. Another helpful resource for IT purchases is here.

Departments are responsible for paying for their purchases unless they have a “Platinum” service agreement, where Departmental Support will provide standard computers along with essential peripherals.

Departmental Support Will Facilitate Purchasing:

  • Items for a new or repurposed computer set up.  This includes:
    • Laptops, desktops, and other supported computing devices
    • Monitors
    • Docking stations
    • Keyboards/mice
    • Common adapters/cables (e.g. USB-C to HDMI, Ethernet)
    • External battery packs (e.g. Dell Powerbanks)
    • University standard software licenses from the Departmental Software Order Form (e.g. MS Project/Visio, Parallels, SnagIT) to be installed on the new computer before delivery
  • Components for a non-warranty repair or upgrade (e.g. laptop battery, laptop display, failed desktop display, additional RAM, larger SSD/hard drive, video card)
  • Networking equipment (switches, routers, network adapters)

Departmental Customers Should Purchase via Regular Channels:

  • Items to upgrade an existing setup (e.g. additional monitors, replacement keyboards, mice, cables, adapters)
  • Miscellaneous computer accessories (e.g. flash drives, external hard drives, CD/DVD drives, speakers, webcams, microphones, speakers)
  • Software
    • Standalone requests for University standard software licenses from the Departmental Software Store (e.g. Microsoft Project/Visio, Parallels, SnagIT)
    • Non-standard software (e.g. AirParrot, Camtasia, Filemaker, etc).  [Notes: University employees do not have the authority to accept software license EULAs or other license terms on behalf of the University.  Requests must be processed by Business Services or DoIT Purchasing if the customer is a DoIT employee.  DoIT Departmental Support does not have the capability to organize and store license keys for software license purchases.]
  • Printers (and Multifunction devices ):
    • Purchases: We should be contacted as soon as possible after a printer is ordered for installation, as we are responsible for adding the printer to the asset inventory, securely connecting it to the network, creating a print queue, and installing the printer on managed workstations.
    • Supplies (e.g. toner, maintenance kits): Customers should contact their contractor (Ricoh, Gordon Flesch, etc) for new supplies or purchase from Shop@UW or another vendor themselves if not on a contract.
  • Other
    • User-replaceable batteries for wireless keyboards, mice, and other peripherals.
    • Office Supplies (e.g. paper, staples)
    • Computer Furniture (e.g. monitor arms, standing desks). Departmental Support will not purchase or install furniture but can move computers for furniture to be installed.
    • Cell Phones: Please contact DoIT Voice Services
    • VoIP Phones: Can be purchased through Shop@UW, then fill out a VoIP request form
    • Surge protectors, power strips, extension cords.

While our inventory of items is primarily intended to support new or re-purposed computers, in certain situations (e.g. staff productivity loss accompanied with vendor equipment shipment delays), DS can fulfill requests for any item we have available.  Please describe the situation if requesting individual items and we will do our best to accommodate your request.