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Feedback Welcome

Welcome to the Division of Extension page of the VIP Portal. This page can be used to make technology requests, view news & FAQs, as well as who currently supports Division of Extension.

If you have any feedback about this page, please do not hesitate to share it with us!

Looking to replace existing equipment or did you hire a new employee? This form is the standard request form to get work started.

New Computer Request

Need to give ShareDrive access to a new user, or remove access for a leaving employee? Use this form to request security access or revocation of SharedDrive permissions for your users.

SharedDrive Permission Request

Interested in knowing how you or an employee may be eligible to become a local admin of a machine? We’ll send you some more information once you fill out this form.

Local Admin Information Request

Recycle Icon

Removing old equipment? Re-purposing an existing machine to give to a different employee? Please fill out this form to begin the process.

Decommission / Re-purpose Computer Request

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What IT equipment does Departmental Support purchase for me versus what do I need my department to purchase?

Hardware & Software: What are my options?

The standard hardware and software packages offered in the form can be found here.

What if my new employee doesn’t need anything?

Even if you know a new employee does not require the purchase of new hardware or software, DoIT Departmental Support needs confirmation of what the employee’s computing resources will be for inventory and tracking purposes. Subsequently, filling out one of the forms above ensures that your new employee will receive an IT orientation that is tailored to the information you provided about their computing environment.

How do I make an urgent computer request?

If your request is urgent please indicate that in the New Computer Request Form. From there, DoIT Departmental Support will contact you and discuss how best to expedite your needs. Note: If you are in urgent need of hardware, please do not purchase a computer directly outside of consulting with DoIT. All computers must go through Departmental Support for setup and inventory, so purchasing the machine on your own could delay the fulfillment of your request.

What can I expect after I complete the form?

Once you complete the New Computer Request Form, DoIT Departmental Support will review the results within a few business hours and contact you with any questions, as well as an estimated setup completion time. Additionally, you will receive a link to your case to track the progress of your request.  Note that in some cases, custom computers orders will take additional time   Once ordered, we will provide you with estimated delivery estimates with weekly updates and can offer loaner computer to use if needed.

What if I want to setup the computer myself?

A Departmental Support technician is instructed to provide you with a base level of setup with your new computer by efficiently working through a digital version of  the New Computer Setup Checklist.   In certain cases, we allow you to setup some of these items if you are comfortable.  We will help you with additional setup items as needed.

Can I reinstall the operating system on my computer because I don't want the management software or active directory?

The Office of Cybersecurity’s Departmental IT Security Baseline  empowers DoIT Departmental Support with the responsibility for keeping UW-Madison workstations up to date and secure.  We strive to make your secure computing experience as seamless as possible and encourage you to provide feedback to help us improve our services.  Please contact us for assistance should you have a business need to have an unmanaged computer.  We will work with you to document the exception and make sure our inventory records are kept up to date.