Work From Home Technology Guidelines for VIP Customers

As the COVID-19 virus continues to impact campus operations, we want you to know that DoIT Departmental Support is committed to maintaining a high level of service to our customers. We are also here to help prepare long-term strategies to maintain your team’s productivity for mission-critical activities.  

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I think I need a mobile hotspot. What should I do?

Please review the Remote Working and Learning – Home Internet guide in Wisconsin.  Note that DoIT does recommend users use a wired or fixed wireless ISP for best results.  Wifi hotspots are usually capped at 22GB of data which can fill up quickly.  It is not recommended for heavy telepresence use (instead use the call-in feature for Webex, Teams, Blackboard or Zoom).  If you need further assistance, please contact for next steps.  We may be able to suggest ways to help increase your current internet speeds (e.g. call your ISP for an upgrade, purchase a new router).

Unfortunately hot spots cannot be used to substitute a home ISP to facilitate telecommuting. Contact Dan Langer from the VCFA for additional details.  If you need a hotspot for sanctioned UW use, DoIT Voice Services can work with Verizon or US Cellular to provision Hotspots, but lead times given the current state are not ideal.  Requests for hotspots using UW funds can be made here.

What happens if I need a computer for a new employee while we are telecommuting?

As of Wednesday March 18, Departmental Support has essential personnel onsite who can setup new computers for a remote employee.  We also have the ability to deliver them or provide in-person assistance for pickup.  Please make sure to let us know the new employee’s NetID, phone number, and address as soon as possible so we can contact them to remotely perform the new computer setup before delivery.

Can I take other IT equipment home?

Please check with your supervisor/unit leadership if that is appropriate.  In cases where this is allowed, staff are being asked to provide an inventory of items that are taken home to their supervisor.

Can I come to campus to gather materials and equipment before starting to telecommute?

Please check with your supervisor/unit leadership if that is appropriate.